Ukraine accuses Russia of waging a ‘HYBRID WAR’

Ukraine has accused Russia of participating in a “hybrid war” carrying out a cyber attack on government websites, the Connected Press reported.

The Protector reported on Friday that Ukraine was hit having a “massive” cyberattack. The attack bumped out several government sites such as the secretary of state for foreign matters.

Inside a statement, Microsoft stated a large number of personal computers in an unspecified quantity of Ukrainian agencies were have contracted destructive adware and spyware disguised as ransomware. The adware and spyware was initially detected on Thursday,

Inside a statement acquired through the AP, Ukraine’s Secretary of state for Digital Development stated it’d evidence that Russia was behind the cyberattack.

“All evidence signifies that Russia is behind the cyberattack. Moscow is constantly on the wage a hybrid war and it is positively accumulating its forces within the information and cyberspaces,” the ministry statement stated.