Umbra Dragon Dragonvale {Oct 2021} Game Zone Information !

Dragonvale Obtain the subtleties

Dragonvale is really a video game which includes a entertainment center coach, that was produced by Backflip studio. It’s a reproducing reproduction game where the player accustomed to assemble the entertainment center and island without the aid of other people. Farmville has numerous amount of players with the mythical animal components. The Umbra Dragon Dragonvale has ten essential components: Plant, Earth, Fire, Light, Water, Air, Cold, Metal, Lightning, and Dark.

Dragonvale incorporates some epic mythical serpents: Sun, Moon, Rainbow, Treasure, Olympus, Gem, Dream, Periodic, Apocalypse, Chrysalis, Ornamental, and that’s just the beginning.

Umbra Dragon

It features a special appearance, meaning a shadowy look that provides the gamer an remarkable encounter. It’s not precisely the fire, which shows a shadowy sort shedding from the mirror. Focuses that convey the insight concerning Umbra Dragon Dragonvale are-

  • Levels Available-18
  • Rearing Time-30-24 H
  • Brooding Time-30 H
  • Territories Hidden
  • Break Traits-Available
  • Conceivable Breeding-Many Available


The Umbra Dragon is acquired by each of the 10 tent variations accessible, that are make the entertainment center and also the spots that are meant for. This can likewise profit the player with participating in Scout Dragon. In it. Which cost 100 jewels?

Reproducing –

The Umbra Dargon utilized just two umbra mythical serpents in the Rift Breeding Cave for Bred. This mythical serpent should be raised within the break reproducing. This is actually the primary cycle for rearing the Umbra Dragon Dragonvale.

The Umbra Dragon was delivered on 22 October 2021, also it was removed on 1 November. Hence, the gamer gets assaulted because of it.

The Dragonvale has several different types of mythical monsters in it, that have their outstanding element and employ.


Within this section, we’ve tracked lower the lately dispatched Dragon Dragonvale has switched right into a well-known game in the day. It’s made energy one of the players using its interesting shadowy appearance. The Umbra Dragon will remain accessible till 1 November.