Unique Destinations for Weekend Getaways from Delhi !

One of the most visited cities in the country, Delhi is both strategically as well as historically important. Each year, a significant number of tourists from all over the country as well as the world visit this city. With this, places around Delhi also have emerged as popular tourist destinations. Among these are the weekend getaways from the city, which are mostly visited by people in the city and around. These weekend getaways are ideal for someone looking to escape from the busy and hectic life in the city and spend a day or two amidst nature in serenity and solitude. This article gives a brief overview of some very unique and famous weekend getaways one can go on from Delhi.

Neemrana, Rajasthan:

An old historical town in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, Neemrana is mainly an industrial hub lying at a distance of about 122 kms from Delhi. Apart from all the industries, the town also has its historical significance. It holds remains of an ancient fort dating back to the 14th century, which is the main attraction for tourists. apart from this, other popular places of interest in the area include the Kesroli fort which is an ancient fort now turned into a luxurious hotel (also considered as one of the oldest heritage sites in northern India), the Sariska National Park, Bala Quila (also known as the Alwar fort), remains of the oldest Buddhist Vihara, Pandupole, Samadhi of the ruler saint Bhartrihari etc. in Kesroli, and many more. The place has developed tremendously as a popular tourist destination in the past years, and is visited by people from all around.

Sohna, Haryana:

Lying at a distance of about 64 kms from the national capital, Sohna is a small town located in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. The place is an ideal weekend getaway for people looking to spend a day or two in serenity and away from the crowd, and is mostly visited by people from Delhi and around, the region has emerged as a popular tourist attraction in the past years, and is visited by many throughout the year. Main places of interest in the area include the several hot springs found on the foothills of the Aravalli mountains, an ancient temple dedicated to lord Shiva, the Damdama lake which also lies on the northern Aravalli leopard and wildlife corridor and is known for its picturesque views, the Gora Barak mosque, the Laal Gumbaz of Sohna- an ancient tomb which dates back to the Mughal period, the Nizam-ul-Haq dargah which dates back to the reign of the Lodi dynasty of the Delhi Sultanate, and many more.

Manesar, Haryana:

Situated at a distance of about 56 kms from Delhi, Manesar is a small industrial town lying in the Gurgaon district of Haryana and part of the Delhi NCR (National Capital Region). Although it is mainly an industrial town, it has grown majorly as a popular tourist destination in recent years. The place now has several offices, hotels, IT parks and educational institutes, and contributes significantly towards the tourism industry. Among the several sightseeing spots in the area, the Heritage Transport Museum spread over an area of about 3 acres, and the Manesar Software Technology Park spread over an area of over 170 acres are the most famous. The place is an ideal weekend getaway from Delhi, perfect for people looking to stay away from the crowd for a day or two. Lying on NH 48, the place is also well connected to other popular destinations like Gurgaon, Delhi and Jaipur.

Lansdowne, Uttarakhand:

Lying at an altitude of about 1,780 on the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas, Lansdowne is a small town and hill station in the Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand, about 245 kms away from Delhi. One of the most secluded and remotest hill stations, Lansdowne was founded by the British in 1887 and named after the then Viceroy of India. The place once held immense importance, especially during the Indian freedom fighting movement. The town was mainly established by the British as a military garrison, and museums in the area have memoirs from the colonial period. Mostly known for being the centre for the Garhwal rifles regiment of the Indian army, the place also offers breathtaking views to the snow laden mountains and thick forests of pine and oak. Notable tourist attractions in the area include the War memorial at the parade ground of the Garhwal rifles centre, the Tip n Top view point, the Kaleshwar Mahadev temple and the Santoshi Mata temple, the Regimental museum, St. Mary’s church, the Bhullatal lake and many more.