Want to Know about Hats inspired by famous personalities?

It is a well-known fact that we implement or try out trending fashion style statements. But how do we know what is trending? We do so, by seeing famous personalities or celebrities wearing them, or endorsing a certain trend. This is applicable even for all fashion elements such as clothes, shoes, and even accessories such as hats. You might feel quite out of track trying to remember every trend on hats and how certain famous personalities were styled, right? Well, if you are one of such people, then this article is just for you. Here you can find a list of trending hats inspired by famous personalities.

If you research closely, you will see that every hat that has made it to the fashion industry was once worn and globalized by a well-known personality. Hence, this article will be helpful and relevant to you if you are not well versed with ongoing fashion trends in hats.

  • Doc Holliday and Gambler hats: 

John Henry ‘Doc’ Holliday is one of the American gamblers who happened to be a gunfighter and dentist by profession. Due to his legendary shoot out at the O.K. Corral, he gained massive attention and also had given birth to several TV series, and movies. Holliday was famous for wearing a hat, which was named as ‘gambler’ possibly as a tribute to Holliday.

There are variations available in gambler hats depending on the width of brim, size of crown and height of crown. Gambler hats sport a round or oval crown and have a moderately wide brim with a slight upturn. The magnitude of upturn is lower than that in a cowboy hat, but more than a fedora. Due to the iconic style statement of Holliday, his hat was famously known as Doc Holliday hat.

  • Taylor Swift and Pork Pie hat:

The global American singer cum songwriter, Taylor Swift is a well-known personality in the fashion industry. She has a beautiful taste in clothes and hats as depicted by her songs. Although it is not necessarily a signature hat, in many of her songs, she is seen to be wearing a pork pie hat, which is one of the cutest hats invented so far. Pork pie hat is so named because its structure is similar to a traditional English meat (pork) pie.

It has a very interesting outline; the brim or edge of the hat has a slight upturn like Gambler’s and has a decent width of brim. The crown of the hat is what makes it iconic due to its telescoped structure. It can come in different crown shapes such as oval, round and spherical.

  • Michael Jackson and Fedoras:

Another renowned name in the list of American singers and songwriters is Michael Jackson or Michaels, who was also a brilliant dancer. He had always been seen with a lovely and elegant looking black fedora hat. He wore a black fedora with a black ribbon tied or wrapped around the base of the crown. His variant of fedora is relevant and famous even today and is also worn by many aspiring dancers.

A fedora hat can be compared to a wide-brimmed hat because it has a brim width of similar size. However, a fedora has a deeper and more distinct crown crease than a wide-brimmed hat. The height of both the hats is also similar in nature.

  • Abraham Lincoln and Top hats:

The 16th US President, Abraham Lincoln was also famous for wearing a certain hat—top hat. Such hats were in fashion back in the days and depicted royalty fashion. Top hats were structured as significantly tall and flat crowns with a perfectly flat brim. It is needless to mention how simple the hat was in structure. However, it is interesting to know that people who are still in love with the old vintage fashion sense, often dress up with top hats even today.

  • Billie Eilish and Bucket hats: 

If you are into casual fashion, you must have heard of bucket hats. This is one of the most recent hat trends set up by an American singer cum songwriter. Billie Eilish has successfully globalized bucket hats, which add a new definition to casual and cool outfits. As the name suggests, its structure looks like an inverted bucket with slightly wavy brims. There is a wide variation of materials out of which bucket hats are made such as cotton, leather, wool, etc.

Was that of help to you? It is indeed a matter of fascination how so many variations in hats have evolved with emerging personalities corresponding to their different styles. In the upcoming times, we can expect more such diversities to support the success of fashionable hats. However, you should always try out the variants that complement your natural sense of fashion and not blindly follow the recent trend. Try to find a balance between trends and your authentic self and you will find the perfect hat fits for you.