What Are The Main Principles Of Naturopathy?

Naturopathic medicine is devoted to exploring and celebrating nature’s healing abilities. Naturopathic medicine’s basic practice is as old as mending itself and as cutting-edge as new medical discoveries. Six healing principles underpin the practice of naturopathic medicine. These principles are founded on objective analysis of the nature of health and sickness and are constantly scrutinized in light of scientific research. Naturopathic clinics in Calgary and worldwide follow the guidelines strictly and do not harm or force the patient in any case. These concepts serve as the profession’s distinctive characteristics.

Six Magic Principles

Naturopathy is one minimally intrusive and risk-free treatment for improving general health. It harnesses nature’s healing power to alleviate the symptoms of various illnesses. There are some ground rules, precisely, six healing principles, which further establish a claim of the perfect naturopathic procedure. If either one of these is skipped or taken lightly, the purpose is lost.

1. First, do no harm (Primum non-nocere)

Improving human health and condition is at the heart of every medical activity. NDs often use the most natural, minimally disruptive, and least harmful approaches when providing care. Naturopathic clinics in Calgary or elsewhere help the patients through a holistic and body-understanding way. Frequently, it is assumed that simply changing one’s lifestyle and addressing external issues can restore one’s health to its former state. Respecting each patient’s holistic nature guarantees that the healing process is appropriate and does not compromise with natural phenomena.

2. The healing power of nature (Vis medicatrix naturae)

The human body is capable of establishing, maintaining, and restoring health. Nature recovers by the response of the life force; it is a well-ordered and purposeful process. The practitioner must assist in establishing a healthful internal and external environment by facilitating and augmenting this process, identifying and removing barriers to health and recovery. Naturopathic doctors in Calgary and other cities recognize your body’s natural potential to recover. Since the solutions are entirely based on nature and its mechanisms, there will be no adverse side effects, and you will be enjoying long-term advantages.

3. Identify and treat the causes (Tolle causam)

Illness does not happen by itself. Before a person fully recovers from disease, the condition’s underlying causes must be identified, eliminated, or addressed. Indicators are manifestations of the body’s attempt to heal, but they are not the source of illness; thus, naturopathic treatment focuses on the fundamental risk factors for disease rather than the signs. Naturopathic medicine in Calgary or elsewhere considers it as one of the essential principles, and naturopaths do proper tests to identify the causal factor.

4. Doctor as a teacher (Docere)

Aside from a definitive diagnosis and proper prescription, the naturopaths must engage with the patient to establish a healthy, attentive interpersonal relationship. A collaborative doctor-patient relationship has inherent medical benefits. The primary function of the naturopath is to educate and encourage the patients to take charge of their own health. They serve as a facilitator for positive change. They do it by motivating and inspiring the patients to take control of their health. Recovery is ultimately achieved by the patient, not by the doctor.

5. Treat the whole person (Tolle totum)

Naturopathy is a holistic philosophy that recognizes the body’s overall capabilities. Naturopathic doctors focus on the patient rather than the ailment. A naturopathic examination considers a person’s nutritional state, lifestyle, family background, physiological, cognitive, emotional, hereditary, ecological, and social aspects. Naturopathic clinics in Calgary and other areas treat any illness and examine the entire body simultaneously to provide a holistic approach.

6. Prevention (Praevenic)

Prevention is the end objective of naturopathic remedies. This is attained via training and the development of good lifestyle practices. The naturopath evaluates potential risks and hereditary predisposition to disease and offers necessary interventions to protect the patient from future harm and danger. Rather than fighting disease, the focus is on improving one’s health. Both the patients and naturopaths must create a safe, healthier environment because it is impossible to be healthy in an unpleasant world.


Naturopathic medicine in Calgary and worldwide takes patients on a more healthy and holistic path. Wholeness is preferred rather than fixing the issue with insurgence or providing generic medicines. Therefore, keeping a tab of all these principles is a necessity. Contact wellness clinic Calgary for your medical help.