What are the significant facts about Vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is a vitamin which is water soluble and is naturally present in some of the foods by being added to others as well as available as dietary supplement along with a prescription medication. As Vitamin B12 consists of mineral cobalt as well as compounds with Vitamin B12 are altogether or collectively called ‘Cobalamins’.

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that aims at helping the body’s blood as well as nerve cells healthy and helps in making DNA, it is a genetic material in all of the cells of individual. Vitamin B12 also helps in preventing megaloblastic anemia which is a blood condition that makes the people weak and tired.

What happens is Vitamin B12 is low in body?

Several of the problems start occupied if Vitamin B12 is low in body such as Constipation, diarrhoea, loss of appetite or gas. Nerve problems also occur such as numbness or tingling along with muscle weakness and walking problems. Loss of vision, mental problems such as depression, memory loss and behavioural changes also occur.

What are some important points about Dr. Leaf?

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What are the some of the benefits of Vitamin B12?

Some of the most important benefits of Vitamin B12 are stated as follows:

  • It helps in preventing and treating depression.
  • It also helps in improving the mood and communication.
  • It helps in improving communication through the brain.
  • It has a positive impact on mood.

What is meant by B12?

B12 is also called the “happy vitamin”. It is related to the optimism, vigour as well as youthfulness. Scientists have come to this point that sufficient levels of this nutrient usually triggers production of serotonin and metabolism, it is a chemical which is responsible for the regulation of mood. A study reveals that the higher levels of B12 is associated or in connection to the better moods.

Does deficiency of B12 leaves a negative impact?

Further studies has found out that there is a strong correlation between B12 deficiency and depression. The chronic and severe deficiency of B12 is related to the nearly twice of the risk of subjects who suffer severe depression. Exercise helps in increasing brain connectivity as well as strengthens the communication paths between two hemispheres. This is of equal importance for both the children as well as adolescents who are still at forming their brains in order to prevent the potential movement related disorders.

Aerobic exercise helps in increasing the blood flow to the brain as well as triggers the release of neurotransmitters which helps in boosting the memory as well as concentration. The individuals who have high levels of Vitamin B12 are less likely to have depression.