What Can You Do with an Intel Gaming NUC?

Many people want the biggest gaming computer or laptop that performs well and that they can afford. But if you dig a little deeper, you will find that bigger is not always better in the tech world. Some gadgets and devices try to pack as much power and performance into a package that is as tiny as possible. The Intel NUC sits comfortably in this category. These are complete systems with a lot of power and performance crammed into a package that is a fraction of a shoebox. So, what can you do with all this power?


One of the most popular ways to use a NUC is as a gaming machine. These machines come packed with the latest CPUs from Intel with some of them packing as much as 64GB of RAM.

While many of them use the integrated graphics that come with Intel CPUs, some are larger enough to fit a small, dedicated GPU. The Intel NUC 11 that is also sold as part of the Lenovo gaming NUC lineup, for example, has a slot that allows you to add a full-size GPU to your small machine.

Home Productivity

Many people have a home computer they use to check email, pay bills and the like. Buying a computer that consumes a lot of power for this use would be a waste of money but getting a NUC would be a great option. These machines are capable enough for many of the things you do at home. They let you edit documents, work with Excel sheets and, if you get a high-end model, even edit photos and videos.

If you do not need a lot of computing power, the Intel NUC can also be a great machine for starting a remote business or switching to remote work. All you would need is a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

Home Server Companion

Some people like downloading movies or saving their Blu-ray movies on a home server for access later. The small home server might also work as a work machine for someone using it in their home office during the day and a file access server at other times.

You could install software like a Linux distro or Plex that are great for media consumption on the NUC. Then, instead of running HDMI, thunderbolt, or DisplayPort cables from the server to your display, you could run an Ethernet cable to the NUC and then a shorter display cable to your display device.

This keeps things tidy and ensures you can separate one system from the other without affecting either. If you later want to upgrade either part, you can do so without hassle.

For Businesses

A NUC costs the same as a low-end PC but performs much better. Because of this, businesses can get better performance and save money if they upgrade their workstations to NUCs.

There are long-term savings to be had because NUCs use a lot less power than PCs.

A NUC does not fit too many use cases, but it is perfect for those that Intel had in mind when they made it. This is a powerful machine in a compact package that takes less space, costs less and consumes the same amount of power as a laptop.