What Foods Should you Avoid After Surgery?

Food is one of the powerful things in our body that determines our health. When one adopts bad eating habits, it can become so easy to catch chronic diseases like diabetes and more. Food discipline is also vital for people operated people since it contributes to their healing process. If you are a person who is out of surgery and don’t know what kind of foods to avoid eating, this article will provide you with all the top 6 foods to avoid when recovering from an operation.

Foods that might cause constipation

Everyone has experienced constipation once in a while, and you know how discomfort it can be. For someone who has just undergone surgery, you can experience constipation due to the doctor’s prescribed medicine. That means your body needs to consume foods that will help the situation rather than make it worse. If you take foods that can lead to constipation, you are risking your wound from reopening due to straining. Some foods that can cause constipation include meat since they have low fiber, dairy products, and even surgery foods.

Spicy foods

Foods with spices can lead to stomach upset which is not suitable for someone who has undergone surgery. Some spices like ginger contain curcumin, a substance that prevents easy blood flow due to clotting. Doctors have proved that spicy foods should be avoided after surgery; instead, one should take healthy foods with less fat. Some of the foods you can take in such a situation include vegetables, fruits, and even cereals.


Usually, alcohol is harmful to one’s body since it contains side effects like liver failure and addiction. When a person takes alcohol, it dehydrates the body, meaning such a situation can be very harmful to someone who has been operated on. Alcohol is also bad since, when taken, you are not supposed to take any medicine which will interfere with your dosage. Instead, drink more fresh fruit drinks and plenty of water to keep your body hydrated throughout your healing process.

Processed foods

Most processed foods contain preservatives and sugar, which are harmful to your body. It also has low fiber, which causes constipation, making you go through the pain and much straining. As someone who is just out of surgery, you need to watch more what you take into your body for quick recovery. Some of the processed foods that you should avoid at any cost are canned foods, chocolates, pastries, and sugary drinks, among others.

Fried foods

Fried foods contain too much fat, which is bad for your body during the healing process. The reason why you should avoid them is that they contain fewer nutrients compared to eating natural foods. Fried foods also have side effects for people who are recovering from surgery, like vomiting and extreme nausea. We advise you to focus on foods that will give your body the energy to heal, for example, foods rich in vitamin E, C, and D. If you are also struggling from excessive weight gain and don’t know how to keep fit, we advise you consider the bariatric surgery which has been proven to be the best weight loss process that one can undergo to maintain their body.

Dairy products

Some dairy products like cheese can cause nausea to people who have been operated on. If you love taking milk for breakfast, you can always switch to other products like almond milk and so. Such will help you not feel like you do not have your favorite meal. Remember that dairy products can also cause constipation which is the main thing to avoid if you want your wound to heal correctly.

Remember that choosing what you eat after surgery is one step to a quick recovery. If you can’t find the right foods, it’s good to communicate with your doctor for more advice. After the recovery, it is also good to keep on with the healthy eating trend, which is good for the body. You can also rely on social media platforms for more research on the foods you should avoid eating during surgery just to be informed.