What is Addiction Rehab and What Does My Insurance Cover?

What is Addiction Rehab and What Does My Insurance Cover

Addiction is a fairly common problem and affects more people than you might think. A patient with addiction problems has little control over their life. The major driving factor in whatever they do is satisfying their craving, often doing so fully aware of the consequences.

If the addiction is in the early stages, strong-willed patients could theoretically rid themselves of their addiction. In other cases, the patient might need to be placed in a controlled environment free of triggers.

This is where addiction rehab centres come in. Within their four walls, you do not have access to whatever you’re addicted to. Throughout this process, it is expected that you would feel angry, erratic, confused, and so on. The addiction centre will also engage you with activities meant to stimulate the mind.

While it is impossible to prevent this (access to addictive triggers) in the real world, it is easy to regulate the environment in rehabilitation centres. This is why some people opt for them so that they can get a better chance at quitting their addictions. In this article, we will consider useful information surrounding addiction rehab and insurance.

What is Addiction Rehab?

Addiction rehabilitation centres are facilities that help addicted patients recover or get over their addictions.  Addiction comes in many forms, in some cases it might have little to do with substance abuse but an addiction to a habit.

This is the same way there are different types of addiction rehab centres, some of them are specialists (e.g, alcohol rehab centres), while others are generalists. For individuals with a little extra cash that desire more comfort, there are even luxury rehabilitation centres.

Below we will briefly look at some of the most abused substances and their addictive properties.

Commonly Abused Substances

In recent years, a scale was developed to measure the level of dependency on commonly abused drugs. Drugs with higher numbers are more addictive than those with lower numbers.  Visit https://www.msdmanuals.com/ to learn more about dependency.


There isn’t any drug as notorious as heroin. With the highest dependency score, this drug is a death trap and has been the end of many individuals. What makes heroin so despicable is how easy it is to develop a tolerance for the drug.

This is bad news is you need to take larger doses to feel anything. Consequently, you begin to feel less with each hit you take.  The withdrawal symptoms are so severe that users don’t need extra motivation to relapse. That’s how the cycle continues; do you now see how dangerous it is? Heroin has a dependence score of 3:00.


This drug has often been glamorized in 90s flick movies and hip-hop songs. But the havoc this drug can cause to your body will stop you in your tracks.

Cocaine comes in a powdered form that is often white. The mode of consumption is often done by inhaling it through the nose or in some cases, simply ingesting it. This drug affects the normal process of dopamine creation in the brain. By boosting dopamine levels users experience a short-lived euphoric high.

Just like any addictive substance, after prolonged use, your intake increases as your body adjust to an increase in tolerance levels too. Withdrawal symptoms of cocaine are pretty serious. Users might find it difficult to sleep, constant feeling of fatigue, nosebleeds, and issues swallowing. The list goes on and on, the dependence score for cocaine is 2:39.


This substance is generally accepted by everyone and is often deemed less dangerous than smoking. At least, with other drugs, it is common knowledge that you shouldn’t be doing it. The warm welcome alcohol gets in any event or social gathering has ensured over 14 million adults can’t do without it.

The withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking alcohol are not to be trifled with. In some cases, subjects die when they try to stop abruptly. This is why addicted patients are slowly ridden of their addiction problems. Check out Regence Blue Shield of Washington State alcohol rehab to learn more.

Alcohol is very dangerous to the body after prolonged use. It is often associated with diseases in the kidney and liver.


Cannabis or weed as it is commonly called is widely popular worldwide. Some countries have taken steps to legalize it. However, Just because something has been legalized doesn’t mean it is completely harmless, just take a look at alcohol.

Cannabis is commonly smoked or extracted and used in preparing edibles. Even though this plant is the lowest on the list with a 1:51 dependence ratio, that doesn’t mean you can’t get addicted to it. While the number of patients is significantly less, you can expect to have insomnia, mood swings, restlessness, and more during withdrawal.

What Your Insurance Should Cover

Your body has changed whether you like it or not and is now used to very harmful substances. These contaminants have to be purged from your bloodstream. This period is stressful on the mind as you deal with withdrawal symptoms. Click here to learn more.


Rehab centres apply different treatment methods in the course of your treatment and you need to be sure this will be covered. The price varies depending on the type of treatment centre you’re going to and the level of attention you expect.


Withdrawal symptoms are no laughing matter; this is why scientists formulated drugs that can help relieve the patient. In the course of your rehabilitation, these drugs will be administered to you. If you consider how often you will need medication, it becomes necessary that your insurance provider sorts this out.

This is why you should always confirm the medication is part of the insurance coverage.

Final Thoughts

In previous times, most people are ashamed of their addiction problems and preferred to continue their ways till their end. Thankfully, this is not the case as the view on rehabilitation and addiction is gradually becoming more lenient. All that matters is that you’re looking to turn a new leaf. We hope you find the information in this article useful as you continue your research.