What is so special about Lakshya Course?

Lakshya – 2 Years | 3 Years IAS foundation Course is the first ever course in India – planned for undergraduate UPSC aspirants. There was a time when people use to consider the IAS Exam preparation after they get their Graduation or Masters degree and use to get ideally 12 Months to prepare for Civil Services examination.

Those days were some real good days of Indian education system, when colleges were meant for studies. But after the year 2000 or around there is a huge fall in the strictness and teaching pattern of colleges and even after getting degrees from the premier institutions of the country, there is a huge unemployment rate.

upsc images for 1 year foundation course

There started a shift in choosing the right career option, and we all know that UPSC as a competitive examination is one of the most cherished career choices. Now coming back to the LAKSHYA – (3 Years IAS Foundation Course) came as a revolution for those aspirants who always had a dream to crack IAS at an early age. Toppers like Safin Ahmed, Teena Dabi etc are very good examples.

The minimum age required for UPSC Exam is 21 Years (which itself indicates that you should be ready at the age of 21 to give the exam, rather to start the preparation. So technically UPSC assumes that you were preparing during your graduations or the graduation studies is sufficient for the competition but the irony is – What we are getting taught in college is not enough.

That was the first time Eden IAS introduced LAKSHYA – The first ever specially designed IAS Foundation Course specially designed for students who want to prepare the UPSC exam after class 12th or after the First Year of their graduation.


  • The First-ever pioneer batch for undergraduate UPSC aspirants.
  • This is a one stop solution to IAS Exam preparation for 3 years where an aspirant can start from the very basic level. (Even NCERT)
  • The Course has a crystal-clear agenda for the entire 3 years of preparation which boosts the confidence of an aspirant.
  • The course can be handled along with the college studies – As the management and Teachers are quite helpful.
  • There is a fair division of the preparation year on the basics of Basic – Advanced – Revision.
  • Basically, an aspirant, if commits any mistake during the preparation can be resolved as he or she is having the ample amount of time for IAS Coaching in Delhi .
  • As you know Allen for preparing the class 11th and 12th students and have a great success rate in IIT and NEET, so there is a very similar arrangement for the undergraduate aspirants who are preparing under the LAKSHYA Course.
  • Daily disciplined is established by home works and a proper attendance system is to track the discipline and the growth of the aspirant.
  • The Fee structure is also not vey high as they charge around 2 Lakhs for three years of preparation.
  • The most important point that makes the LAKSHYA Course special is – It is a course to start a RIGHT THING AT A RIGHT TIME.


The classes can be found on their YouTube channel – EDEN IAS. There are a few special interview links by many educational channels to rate Lakshya Course. The Links are as follows – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdcrLvhLa4U

This article is my personal opinion after research is done from many Lakshya classroom course students. The course is quite lengthy which only their counsellors can tell you properly which you can visit Eden IAS in person or call on any number available on their website.

All the very best and Rock it!