What is the Women’s Health Care and What is Women’s Care Center

Are you a woman and looking for a place where you could get better health care? One thing you must consider is keeping your health to the optimum level should be a priority. The fact is that the women who have better health care facilities would always have better overall health. And if you do not have women’s health care facilities, it is a dilemma that needs to be taken care of.

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Women’s Health care In Pakistan

Women’s health in Pakistan is a neglected problem that needs to be addressed. Women all over the country would suffer from the consequences of too much childbearing and health problems. Some of the most common problems in the lives of such women are the following:

  1. Women are suppressed to keep themselves away from education. Gynecological medical treatment is not standard, and women do not have access to it in a large fraction of the country’s population.
  2. Women would not be able to contact doctors and would not even know what women’s healthcare is.
  3. There is even a large number of health problems that women get no medical attention for. Women suffer from vaginal infections, cancer, and other health issues and never know the treatment.
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Under different schemes of the government, women are treated in the rural and urban areas. Women are supported medically with the cooperation of world organizations like the UN departments. Women are made aware of their following rights:

  1. They have the right to healthcare and planning their family.
  2. Women can have jobs and a right to have a great future for their children.
  3. The efforts of international organizations also have an emphasis on women’s care initiatives. These initiatives aim to provide a better health care facility in all areas of Pakistan.
  4. Apart from government and international level efforts, there are organisations that are working hard. At all levels of Pakistani society, there are several positive steps that these organisations are taking.
  5. Apart from just healthcare, there are awareness campaigns at numerous levels of society.

These campaigns have been a priority for these organisations all over the world. They actually have a complete set of facilities they provide and a set of complete awareness programs.

Officially the initiatives for women’s care were made more solid in the era of mutarma Benazir Bhutto. This actually led to an improvement with the following facilities:

  • Awareness campaigns to keep women healthy after delivery.
  • Women were made aware of their rights to education, and there was an effort to keep women’s care a priority.
  • Ladies health workers were recruited to take this new understanding of healthcare to all levels.
  • Women’s health care centers were brought in at rural and urban levels. These centers are still a big wave of change towards better healthcare and gynecological healthcare.

Some Healthcare Problems to be Taken Care at Healthcare Centers

At different levels of gynecological and urogynecological health, women need to be taken care for:

  • Pelvic pain and urinary problems need to be taken care of.
  • Women’s health centers should also take care of problems like overactive bladder, sexual dysfunction, and pelvic pain. Some more such problems in women are UTIs, STDs, and incontinence.
  • Pelvic floor prolapse, menstrual disorders, pelvic pain are among the top gynecological problems in females. Cervical dysplasia, PCOs, and uterine fibrosis are there as well.

Government women’s health care is not being taken of with promptness. Although there are centers in several areas of the world, there is always a need for improvement at all organizational levels. The overall condition in Pakistan is considered one of the worst in the world. This fact is not a good indicator of Pakistani society. To make sure this one does not get aggravated, we need to have an awareness that could alleviate mindset problems.

Some Reasons for women Health Problems

If we analyse, there are some most commonly found reasons for no awareness being solid enough. The flaw is not in the campaigns, but a lot of time exists in the people that are not being educated. Some most common reasons for such problems are:

  • There are fake religious beliefs that people think should be carried on. They believe in a big family, and in their opinion, Islam orders to have that. The reality is Islam cares about a human’s life more. And the concept that men should have a large family may cause female suffering, physically and psychologically.
  • Rural area people would normally have orthodox thoughts. This leads to less attention towards women’s education.
  • In certain areas, people would not even think about family planning as they think it is not permissible. They would adhere to their local traditions and do not allow female education.
  • There are also some areas of Pakistan where people would kill men and women without any proof. In certain areas of Pakistan, women would not be allowed to get married according to their choice. This builds a limitation around their brain, and they are exploited to have too many children.

Need for Alternative Healthcare methods

People in some areas of the world would not even allow a doctor. So, for such areas, there is an option of herbal physicians working. Some herbal products that women can take and are safe are:

  1. Akseer E Niswan
  2. Ajmal Mee Lo
  3. Qurs Niswan
  4. Habbe mudir
  5. Arusa
  6. Habbe Hamal
  7. Qurs Kahruba

These medicines are a solution that women care with herbs can have. The areas with no women’s clinic could have these alternative medication centers. These medicines have the best herbs for female health. There is a need for complete women care system. These steps are a must to ensure a change in women’s healthcare at all levels.

Last Word

Women’s healthcare centers, awareness campaigns, and rural area perspectives influence women’s healthcare in Pakistan big time. In the situation of healthcare problems all over the world, there is a need for alternative medicines too. Women’s care is always a hot topic, but it has never been solved. The need for better healthcare brings herbal products in as well. And the best Hakeem in Lahore, physicians at Ajmal Dawakhana are striving hard to solve these problems. There is a complete section of their website that is dedicated to women’s health. It is a positive step towards improvement, and that is why they deserve a better response.