What Picture NASA Took On My Birthday (2022) | Checkout Here!

To know and see What Picture NASA Took on My Birthday¸ move to NASA Hubble Archives. Then, read to find out more.

For all the space freaks and science nerds, NASA’s photos of space captured are always a delight. There are various programmes run by NASA through which people Worldwide can see how space looks on their birthday.

To see What Picture NASA Took on My Birthday, the users have the option to look at the photo retrospectively as well. Thus, if you have to see the status of space on your tenth or twelfth birthday, you can do so, and these techniques are part of today’s discussion in this article.

What is the Hubble Space Telescope?

  • The Hubble telescope revolves in space twenty-four hours a day. This telescope is often looked into to get the essence of what pictures you can see on a particular date. Thus, the Hubble telescope is important to see and access that ‘What Picture NASA Took on My Birthday‘. The Hubble Space Telescope was launched in 1990 in the low earth orbit. It does a variety of acts and has revolutionized the field of astronomy.
  • A particular site is created to see the space photo on your birthday. This website is named ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day. This website is run by NASA and has all the archives of photos collected by the telescope of cosmos, galaxies, stars, black holes, comets, etc. Certain other planetary things are also included.

See What Picture NASA Took on My Birthday Here

  • The photos and records for the people born after 1995 are available in these archives. Unfortunately, the people born before 1995 cannot access the data as no records are available. The complete generation Z, i.e. from 1990-2010, can see and share photos of space on their birthday on social media sites. This was on-trend on TikTok for a significant period.
  • Many people post photos taken from the website of the day on which they were born.
  • Many users went emotional on social media and shared their feelings on What Picture NASA Took on My Birthday with other users. The trend reignited a sense of community, feeling excitement and emotion as they could see something that none before them could see through pictures.

How to Access the Website to See My Photo?

Just type on your google, NASA Hubble Archive website, and a web page full of files shall open. Scroll down to the date and year of your birthday and click on the date. A photo will appear on the screen depicting space on the day of your birth.


It is now very easy to see What Picture NASA Took on My Birthday. You have to access the NASA Hubble Telescope archives and select the date you want to see the space. The experiment is much appreciated on social media and has been on-trend. To know more, see What Did Hubble See on Your Birthday