12 Fun and Useful Things You Can Do With a Google Nest Hub

Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max are-in-one smart displays, mixing a good speaker having a touchscreen technology. They will use google’s Assistant voice assistant to function via voice instructions and may try everything a Google Nest smart speaker does-and much more.

Whether you are a proud new who owns a Google Nest Hub or simply thinking about purchasing one, you’d like to learn just what that you can do by using it. Well, there is lots that you can do having a Google Nest Hub, as you will soon uncover.

1. Obtain a Daily News Briefing

Would like to get a fast summary of current news and occasions? Your Google Nest Hub can see and display a news summary on its screen. Just say “Hey Google, what is the news?” and you will hear-and find out, onscreen-the most recent news headlines and tales. You may also personalize your news feed from inside google’s Home Android and iOS apps.

2. View Climate Conditions and Forecasts

Just thinking about the elements? Say “Hey Google, what is the weather?” as well as your Google Nest Hub will read the current climate conditions and forecast, and display the approaching forecast onscreen. Swipe the screen right-to-left to see forecasts later on within the week.

3. Operate Your Smart Home Devices

Google’s Nest Hub is a great home hub that may control other smart home devices. Connect your smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart doorbells, and smart thermostats after which make use of the Google Nest Hub to manage everything all via voice instructions or on screen.

4. Play Songs

Your Google Nest Hub does a fantastic job playing songs. You should use the smart speaker to experience music out of your favorite streaming music services, including Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

All that you should do is sync your Google account together with your music account within the Google Home application, you’ll be able to tell Google to experience a specific playlist, funnel, album, artist, or song. You will see information regarding the presently-playing track onscreen, together with onscreen playback controls, so that you can pause the background music or jump back or forward a track.

5. Pay attention to Podcasts

Just as possible pay attention to music in your Google Nest Hub, you may also pay attention to your preferred podcasts. Just connect with your preferred podcast or streaming service, contact the podcast you would like, and get ready to pay attention. You should use your Nest Hub to hear audiobooks, too.

6. Watch Videos

Here’s another thing that you can do on the Google Nest Hub and never on the Google Nest smart speaker-watch videos. Yes, that giant screen can there be for any reason. Make use of the Google Home application in your smartphone to connect with a variety of streaming video accounts, and you can contact your preferred videos in your Nest Hub having a simple voice command.

Google enables you to watch videos from Apple TV, Disney , Cinemax Max, Hulu, Netflix, Vital , Sling TV, and, obviously, Google’s own YouTube and YouTube TV. Just tell the smart speaker, “Hey Google, play Stranger Things on Netflix” or something like that as well as your hub will open that service and begin playback.

7. Are a Digital Picture Frame

Exactly what does your Google Nest Hub do when it is just a slave to, waiting for your forthcoming command? That giant screen can be the digital picture frame, pulling images out of your Google Photos account and displaying them for those to determine. Your Hub will at random cycle using your photos as well as create some interesting photo montages and combinations-all instantly.

8. Take part in Zoom and Google Video Chats

For those who have a Google Nest Hub Max you should use your device to sign up in video chats and video conferences. That is because the Hub Max includes a built-in webcam. The standard Google Nest Hub doesn’t, and can’t do video chat.

At the moment, the Hub Max supports video calling via Google Duo, Google Meet, and Zoom.

To understand more about taking advantage of Google’s chat service, read some suggestions about increasing the Google Meet experience.

You will need to connect your bank account for your Google account through the Google Home smartphone application, you’ll be able to begin a meeting by saying, “Hey Google, begin a meeting.”

You are then motivated to tap the Meet or Zoom card around the display. Stick to the onscreen instructions to ask others and obtain the meeting began.

For just one-to-one Google Duo calls with other Duo users, just say “Hey Google, call John Cruz,” using the specific person you are calling.

9. Are a Home Intercom System

For those who have other Google Nest devices-without or with screens-in your house you are able to link them into a higher-tech home intercom system. Say “Hey Google, broadcast,” then start speaking, as well as your message is going to be heard on all of the Google Nest devices in your house.

10. Answer Your Doorbell

Google Nest Hub answering Nest doorbell cameraImage Credit: Google

For those who have a Google Nest Doorbell, you can observe who’s ringing your bell around the Google Nest Hub display. After that you can talk straight to the individual at the door. You may also activate the live camera to help keep constant an eye on what is happening in your doorstep.

11. Assist You To Prepare

Place a Google Nest Hub inside your kitchen, and technology-not only that will help you prepare. Look for and display your preferred recipes after which walk-through them onscreen-many with step-by-step video instructions. You may also make use of the Hub’s voice-activated alarms and timers to make certain your cooking is really as precise as you possibly can.

12. Monitor Your Sleep

Finally, for those who have another-generation Google Nest Hub (and not the Hub Max), you should use your smart display to watch your sleep. The Nest Hub includes Soli sleep sensing technology to trace your motions while you are sleeping. Built-in sensors identify light and temperature changes, alterations in your breathing, your snoring along with other noises, along with other sleep disturbances-without attaching any annoying sleep monitoring equipment for your body.

Do that for many nights and also the Google Nest Hub learns your sleep patterns. This allows it make personalized recommendations to obtain a much better night’s sleep. Additionally, it generates a regular report detailing the information it collects. For those who have sleep problems, this is usually a game-changer.