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What’s Three Nobleman Day?

Three Nobleman Day also referred to as Día de Los Reyes is really a Christian celebration typically celebrated on The month of january sixth, which commemorates the appearance of the 3 wise men to Bethlehem to go to baby Jesus.

The tradition originated from The country and South America goes back towards the 16th century. Although it has been in existence for hundreds of years, lots of urban legends surround the holiday’s origins. Some state that children receive gifts because King Melchior gave baby Jesus gold others believe King Balthazar introduced frankincense. The tradition of giving chocolate and toys is dependant on the storyline behind this very day.

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Who Celebrates Three Nobleman Day?

Three Nobleman Day is among the most celebrated holidays in South America. Three Nobleman Day implies that this can be a big day for kids.

Three Nobleman Day, also referred to as Epiphany, is really a religious holiday celebrated in The country and South America. It’s the feast day that celebrates the 3 wise men’s trip to baby Jesus on his birthday. This Christian holiday is broadly celebrated in South America, as everyone knows. The celebration is prevalent across Central and South Usa, but it’s in The country. Other Countries in europe also have adopted it in their Christmas traditions.

Browse the Who Celebrates Three Nobleman Day article and learn more about why this very day is well known and just how people celebrate Epiphany day.

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How’s Three Nobleman Day celebrated?

Your day is stuffed with gift-giving and parties for, that are an attempt to recreate the wondrous occasion once the three nobleman showed up bearing gold, frankincense, and myrrh for baby Jesus.

Typically, Spanish families open their houses and enable family people to talk about within the celebration of Three Nobleman Day. Several families even provide traditional foods for visitors to savor, for example bacalao (codfish), roscón de Reyes (a kind of sweet bread).

Hopefully that with the Who Celebrates Three Nobleman Day article, you’ve had the opportunity to learn more details on this very day. At different places, this holiday is famous differently. For instance, in Georgia, it’s called Theophany. This feast day is well known because individuals think that about this day, Jesus was incarnated like a god.


Every festival includes a background story about why it’s celebrated and just how. Individuals the east celebrate this very day because the baptism of Jesus. Also, this 24 hour is well known at certain areas on several dates, for instance, on The month of january first or on The month of january 19th.