What Is the Windows Modules Installer ? Is It Important?

Home windows has numerous core processes that ensure that it stays running easily, and Home windows Modules Installer is one. The bottom line is, the procedure assists in keeping Home windows up-to-date, making certain you have all of the extra features, in addition to performance and security upgrades and patches. But if you’ve ever seen it using lots of CPU or disk space, you may be concerned and question what it’s and should you disable it.

Here’s all you need to learn about Home windows Modules Installer.

What’s the Home windows Modules Installer?

Home windows Modules Installer is really a system procedure that constantly checks for available Home windows updates and installs them for you personally. So next time the thing is a notification suggesting the OS is installing and installing updates along with other components, just know that it’s Home windows Modules Installer working hard.

Home windows Modules Installer also passes other names too, including TiWorker.exe, TrustedInstaller.exe, Home windows Modules Installer Worker, or WMIW. If you notice these running in Task Manager, don’t panic, as it is not adware and spyware making unknown changes for your PC.

Home windows Modules Installer in Task Manager in Home windows 11.

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Are You Able To Disable Home windows Modules Installer?

Yes, you are able to disable Home windows Modules Installer. Since the operation is a part of Home windows Update, the easiest method to stop it’s to disable automatic updates in Home windows 10 or disable them in Home windows 11.

Bear in mind that this will prevent Home windows from installing updates instantly, meaning you will need to get it done by hand. As a result, you will possibly not get important performance and security updates when they are available, which could momentarily leave your computer vulnerable. This is exactly why we do not recommend disabling Home windows Modules Installer unless of course you are the kind of person who installs updates as soon as you receive a notification that they are available.

How to proceed if Home windows Modules Installer Causes 100% CPU or Disk Usage

Installing and installing updates in your Home windows PC isn’t any small task, and that’s why you may observe that Home windows Modules Installer causes high CPU or disk usage. Thinking about the process only runs from time to time, the easiest method to handle it hogging system sources would be to let it do its factor. Afterward, your computer should return to running normally.

You will find occasions, however, once the process may take a lengthy time for you to complete, keeping the computer inside a condition of 100% CPU or disk usage for hrs. That isn’t normal. At these times, use a handy little tool referred to as Home windows Update Troubleshooter to obtain things moving again.