Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere (2022) Read!

About Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice may be the official start of the astronomical winter, also it occurs once each year and it is observed between 21-22 December both in the hemispheres. It’s noticed in June in Southern Hemisphere as well as in December in Northern Hemisphere. Your day marks the start of the wintertime season during these hemispheres.

Lots of people think that Winter Solstice may be the event which will last for the whole day. But, it just lasts as it were once the hemisphere tilts far from the Sun. The solstice holds greater significance across different races and cultures because it signifies season change.

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When will Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere occur?

Winter Solstice usually happens in December each year in Northern Hemisphere. However, time if this occurs change each year because of the solar year, which always is different from the standard twelve months.

Anybody who would like to be super precise within their observations have to know that Winter Solstice 2021 is believed to happen at 15:59 UTC on 21st December 2021 Tuesday. It’s about six hrs after the final year’s winter solstice.

Because the time zone changes based on the country, the wintertime Solstice will technically occur on Tuesday in lots of parts of america. Here is their email list of nations so when Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere will occur.

  • Bangkok – 11:59 PM Tuesday
  • Seoul – 12.59 AM Wednesday
  • Milan – 4:59 PM Tuesday
  • Qatar – 5:59 PM Tuesday
  • Calgary – 5:59 PM Tuesday
  • Orlando – 10:59 AM Tuesday
  • Honolulu – 5:59 AM Tuesday

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Why Winter Solstice Occurs?

Because the earth is tilted around the rotational axis, human encounters different seasons on earth. Both hemispheres feel the winter months because it tilts from the sun. The summer time solstice takes place when the hemisphere tilts nearer to the sun’s rays.

What’s the Value of Winter Solstice?

Winter Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere means coming back sun, marked as the beginning of more sunlight on earth. Following the solstice, the times get longer and nights shorter because sunlight increases on the planet.

There’s also another value of the big event as Ancient Romans celebrated your day as coming back of Saturn, the god of agriculture.

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Winter Solstice within the Northern Hemisphere is much like a celebration that marks once the shortest day starts and night lengthens and continues until summer time solstice occurs.

It holds greater significance across different cultures and nations. The Wintertime Solstice 2021 Northern Hemisphere is going to be celebrated on 21st 12 , 2021, Tuesday at 15:59 UTC.