WizKid Net Worth 2021, Record, Salary, Biography, Career, and Wiki

What’s Wizkid’s Net worth?

Net Worth:$4 Million


Born:This summer 16, 1990

Country of Origin:Nigeria

Supply of Wealth:Professional Singer

Last Updated:2021


By 2021, WizKid’s Net worth is roughly $4 million.

WizKid is really a Nigerian singer and songwriter from Lagos, Nigeria.

In ’09, he signed an archive cope with Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E). He rose to prominence this year using the discharge of the song ‘Holla at the Boy’ from his debut studio album, Superstar (2011).

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Early Existence

Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun was created around the 16th of This summer, 1990, in Lagos, Nigeria.

His family stays in Surulere, Lagos Condition, Nigeria. While his father is really a Sunni Muslim, his mother is really a Christian owned by a Pentecostal denomination.

He completed his secondary and primary education at Surulere. He was thinking about music from his early childhood but his family didn’t support him to pursue music like a full-time career.


Wizkid’s Career

Based on him, his music career started in the day he became a member of his church choir. Artistes like Bob Marley, Fela Kuti, King Sunny Ade, 2 Face Idibia, and Seem Sultan were his early inspirations and inspired him to become music performer.

From 2001 till 2006, he performed like a solo artist using the stage name ‘Lil Prinz.’ He created a band known as ‘Glorious Five’ together with his buddies in the church choir. They were able to release one studio album before disbanding.

He met record producer OJB Jezreel throughout his battling days and that he grew to become his mentor. He grew to become a normal customer at Jezreel’s studio watching and gaining knowledge from the tracks by artists like 2 Face Idibia and Seem Sultan.

After shedding from college in ’09, he inked an archive cope with Empire Mates Entertainment (EME). Within the same year, he began recording for his debut studio album using the stage name ‘Wizkid,’ that was entitled ‘Superstar.’

On March 5, 2013, he announced his decision to determine their own record label, ‘Star Boy Entertainment.’ Within the same year, he signed endorsement handles mobile network MTN and beer company Guinness.

The song capped the charts in 15 countries making them Nigeria’s most effective pop artist. In 2016, he released the only ‘Like This’ on Drake’s OVO Radio.

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By 2021, WizKid’s Net worth is $4 million.

So How Exactly Does Wizkid Spend His Money?

The biggest amount of cash that Wizkid earns originates from different various endorsement deals.

Throughout his career, he’s held multiple big contracts with a few large players, for example Pepsi, Guinness, MTN and Glo.

He’s the ambassador for Ciroc Premium Vodka and that he has additionally labored with Nike many occasions.

With regards to his spending, he’s several large houses in Nigeria and also the US. His Surulere mansion is considered to be worth $36,140, while his Lekki mansion may be worth $189,040.

He is another fan of costly cars, that they enjoys purchasing for themself. His accessories and clothes will also be worth a lot of money. He’s a large fan of Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci. Wizkid owns a gemstone watch worth $1.two million.

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Here are the best popular features of WizKid’s career:

  • Caro (Song, 2014)
  • Ayo (Album, 2014)
  • Manya (Song, 2017)
  • Fake Love (Song, 2018)

Favorite Quotes from WizKid

“Lagos style is fresh and various. Despite the tailors, they end up with innovative using their stuff, using the cuts. When my parents used to help make the traditional wares, it had been a bit baggy. However the tailors can infuse the ecu style, which makes it slim-fit. Lagos style differs, man. Innovative.” – WizKid

“I didn’t have accessories after i began my career. Have you seen me putting on jewelry-jewelry after i did ‘Hola at the Boi?’ No! I hustled to obtain money to purchase them, and there’s no crime basically show it or flaunt it to my fans simply because they provided money to purchase them.” – WizKid

“Umm… my personal favorite Wizkid tune ever could be ‘Don’t Dull’ ‘cos I recorded the track in, like, a few minutes. The beat was ready, we entered the studio and freestyled, also it was ready. The song grew to become really, really big, and so i think ‘Don’t Dull’ continues to be my personal favorite.” – WizKid

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“We have lots of try to do as African artists to obtain more recognition within the U.K. and also the U.S., but at this time, certainly, we’re obtaining the recognition. The factor is we must earn it. Keep working. Stay working.” – WizKid

“If you’re visiting do a job interview beside me, you must know about me. It isn’t that it is ‘cos I’m Wizkid I’d even hate it should you be visiting interview my pal and requested him exactly the same question. You’re for a job interview, so you need to know who you’re doing the job interview with.” – WizKid

3 Awesome Training from WizKid

Wizkid Success Training

Now you know about WizKid’s Net worth, and just how he achieved success let’s check out a few of the training we are able to study from him:

1. You Cannot Please Everybody

Being making headlines certainly causes individuals to change, however, many greater than others. Whether it’s purchasing a pet goat or getting weed in the morning, Wizkid helps to ensure that he leads his most authentic existence constantly.

We’re not suggesting that you simply buy uncooked Asun and provide it a reputation or that you will get high before you begin your entire day. What we should say is you do this factor which makes you content and also you make no apologies for this.

2. Possess A Major Inspiration

Whether Wizkid is really a contemporary-day reincarnation of Afrobeat legend, Fela, is yet another conversation for an additional day.

The purpose we wish to shine an easy upon, however, is the significance of modeling your job following a particular supply of inspiration. It’s worth noting that modeling after and copying without improving upon are a couple of various things.

Modeling after is essential, however, since it enables you to be aware what your finish game is while staying away from the pitfalls of whomever you are inspired by. Model after but function as the better version.

3. Its Smart To Become A Good Student

Lots of people frequently forget that Wizkid was only some of the artiste which was underneath the tutelage of EME label boss, Banky W.

You will find tales of methods Wizkid accustomed to run errands for his boss watching carefully how he earned the special moment of music happen.

Not receiving in front of yourself and making the effort to really discover the ropes of whatever your hustle, is probably the finest favour that you can do on your own.

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Wizkid is really a Nigerian singer and songwriter. He is among the most commercially effective music artistes from Nigeria. He is among the wealthiest African stars as named through the Forbes magazine. WizKid has additionally been frequently named among the fastest rising stars from Africa through the media.

By 2021, WizKid’s Net worth is believed to become roughly $4 million.

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