Woo Do Hwan: Find out who are his brightest characters on his 29th birthday

Although rising star Woo Do Hwan continues to be serving mandatory military service within the 15th Infantry Division from the South Korean Army since This summer 2020, this doesn’t prevent his fans from celebrating his birthday and enjoying his most memorable works. within the most varied and effective K-Dramas. Because you will remember before enlisting, he was very present around the screens focusing on different K-Dramas a number of occasions annually.

1. The King: Eternal Monarch

Before enlisting within the military, actor Woo Do Hwan was in 2020 alongside Lee Min Ho and Kim Go Eun within the K-drama The King: Eternal Monarch where he performed a dual role as Eun Seob and Jo Youthful, for the one which received rave reviews. It had been a uniform blockbuster having a budget in excess of 25 million dollars that informs the storyline of the brave king from the Korea from another dimension who fights against dark forces in order to save two worlds

2. My Country

The historic K-drama My Country aired in 2019. Woo Do Hwan plays Nam Seon Ho and shares a screen with actor Yang Se Jong. The storyline happens in Korea in the finish from the Goryeo period until the start of Joseon, and involves two buddies who’ll face one another because of variations of opinion about the way forward for their country.

3. The Truly Amazing Seducer

The Truly Amazing Seducer, also referred to as Enticed, was launched in 2018. Woo Do Hwan works alongside Moon Ga Youthful (True Beauty). It informs the storyline of Kwon Shi Hyun, a wealthy and handsome boy who only searches for women he loves to have fun with. His plan ended up being to play a game title of revenge and never have anything serious, until love hits him and that he starts to realize what he needs in the existence.

4. Mad Dog

Mad Dog debuted in 2017 with actor Woo Do Hwan included in a really gifted cast brought by veteran and famous South Korean artist Yoo Ji Tae, as Choi Kang Woo, an old detective who now works being an investigator for insurance providers. He leads a group trying to locate the truth about existence insurance fraud. Do Hwan made an appearance on the watch’s screen because the character Kim Min Joon / Jan Gebauer (29, code name Dr. Kim).

5. Save Me

Also aired within the 2017 K-Drama Save Me, Woo Do Hwan plays the type of Seok Dong Cheol and shares the screen using the famous Search engine optimization Ye Ji. It informs the storyline of Im Sang Mi (Search engine optimization Ye Ji) and her family because they change from Seoul to Muji-gun, a suburban city that’s covered with a spiritual cult known as Goseonwon, that is apparently peaceful, but because the plot unfolds the violence it hides is going to be revealed.